4 September 2013






29 August 2013

Visiting Artists!

** Dates for visiting artists**

Chad Koeplinger: Sept 12/13
Beau Brady: Sept 23/24/25
DeanWilliams: Sept 23/24/25
Mina Aoki: Sept 23/24/25
Matt Beckerich: Sept 24/25
Oliver Peck: Sept 22/23/24/25/26
Jesse Gordon: Sept 18- 25
Chris Stewart: Sept 24/25
Shane Wilcox: Sept 20/21/22/23

CONTACT 061409439 OR allstarink@gmail.com FOR MORE DETAILS

20 August 2013


Ami James will be making two public appearances during his visit. The first is in The Library Bar, Limerick City on Friday August 23 and the second is in BDSM, Cork on Saturday Aug 24. Both nights are guaranteed to be incredible, so come and join us in celebrating this amazing new venture and partnership!

2 August 2013



We are now taking a minimal amount of bookings for AMI JAMES. Space is very limited so its first come first serve. Last week in August. 

Precise dates will be announced soon. 

Email the shop at allstarink@gmail.com or call us on 061 409 439 for further details.

30 July 2013

Upcoming Guest Artists for September '13

We are delighted to announce that we have an array of talented artists gracing us with their presence this coming September. If you would like more information on dates and appointments, please contact Allstar Tattoo on 061 409 439 or email the shop at allstarink@gmail.com. Please find below the list if guest artists who will be appearing in our fine establishment and links to their work:

Oliver Peck

Jesse Gordon

Dean Williams

Chad Koeplinger

Chris Nunez

Beau Brady

Forrest Cavacco

Mina Aoki

Matt Beckerich

Shane Wilcox

14 May 2013

Darren Brass Guestspot

Darren Brass from Miami Ink/Love Hate Miami will be with us the 17th-21st of June. Spaces are limited so don't sleep on this one, an opportunity to get a piece from a great tattooer who rarely travels. Drop into, call or e-mail the shop for appointments and information. Thank you.

24 April 2013

Alex Trufant Guestspot

Alex Trufant from Trufant Bros San Angelo, Texas will be with us the 8th-11th of May, this will be Alex's first time at Allstar, get in touch to get booked in with this versatile all-round tattooer. Click here to see Alex's work. 

14 March 2013

Mario Desa Guestspot

Chicago's Mario Desa will be with us here at Allstar on the 4th,5th & 6th of April. This will be Mario's first visit to us and spaces will be limited so get in touch to book in. Check out some of Mario's tattooing herehttp://mariodesa.com/home.html

4 February 2013

Chad Kopelinger Guestspot

Chad will be with us for just a short visit on the 12th-13th of this month with just a couple of spaces remaining. To get booked in please call the shop on (061) 409439 or email allstarink@gmail.com

26 January 2013

Oliver Peck Guestspot

Oliver Peck from Elm Street Tattoo, Dallas, Texas will be with us again the 12th-13th February.
We only have a couple of spaces left, so call into. phone or e-mail the shop for information and appointments. Thank you.

11 January 2013

Forrest Cavaco Guestspot

Forrest Cavaco from Cobra Custom Tattoo in Boston will be with us the 4th, 5th and 6th February. Spaces are limited for Forrest's first visit to Ireland. For info and appointments call into, phone or e-mail the shop. To see more of Forrest's work click here

8 January 2013

Shawn Topper Guestspot

Shawn Topper from DaVinci, New York will be with us the 4th, 5th and 6th February.
This is another great opportunity to get a piece from a talented tattooer who rarely travels outside of the States. For info and appointments call into, phone or e-mail the shop. To see more of Shawn's work click here

7 January 2013

Kris Magnotti Guestspot

Kris Magnotti from NY Adorned and DaVinci New York will be with us again the 4th, 5th and 6th February. A great opportunity to get a piece from a man who rarely travel outside of the States these days. For info and appointments call into, phone or e-mail the shop. To see more of Kris's work click here

5 January 2013

Matt Beckerich Guestspot

Matt Beckerich from Kings Avenue, NY will be here again on the 4th, 5th and 6th February. At this time spaces with Matt are very limited and this is a great opportunity to get ahead of his 1-year+ waiting list back home in NYC. You can see more of his work here. Thank you.

4 January 2013

Chris Nunez Returns!

Next month Chris Nunez will be back with us for just a few short days on the 4th,5th and 6th of February. There are just a few spots remaining with Chris, to make a booking phone, email or call in to the shop, thank you.