29 August 2013

Visiting Artists!

** Dates for visiting artists**

Chad Koeplinger: Sept 12/13
Beau Brady: Sept 23/24/25
DeanWilliams: Sept 23/24/25
Mina Aoki: Sept 23/24/25
Matt Beckerich: Sept 24/25
Oliver Peck: Sept 22/23/24/25/26
Jesse Gordon: Sept 18- 25
Chris Stewart: Sept 24/25
Shane Wilcox: Sept 20/21/22/23

CONTACT 061409439 OR allstarink@gmail.com FOR MORE DETAILS

20 August 2013


Ami James will be making two public appearances during his visit. The first is in The Library Bar, Limerick City on Friday August 23 and the second is in BDSM, Cork on Saturday Aug 24. Both nights are guaranteed to be incredible, so come and join us in celebrating this amazing new venture and partnership!

2 August 2013



We are now taking a minimal amount of bookings for AMI JAMES. Space is very limited so its first come first serve. Last week in August. 

Precise dates will be announced soon. 

Email the shop at allstarink@gmail.com or call us on 061 409 439 for further details.